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    • Yeah I totally can do that. It just won’t be until I get to the letter, if you need it by s certain date let me know and I will make it earlier.

      • well i kinda need it by next week oh i almost for got my sister is havin a birthday and i need to know how to do the K AS SOON AS POSIBLE PLEASE.

  1. Hi Dana i love to do boondoggle and different projects so i would like to learn ALL of the projects you have made i love the combinations

  2. Hey Dana are you going to to make tutorials of all Ur boondoggle collections im interested on doing all of them specially the boondoggle man and baby. I enjoy washing ur videos, you are so cool i also send you a friend request in facebook. Try to make the tutorials plz. Thank You

    • Eventually I will have tons of different videos up about everything there is to make in the boondoggle world. so just keep watching i promise they’ll go up soon.

  3. ur linda isapointing me cause u havent made the video two peaople requested i need it by thursday!!!!! pleaseeeeeee

  4. Hi! I love ur vids! Ur very talented! Anyways, I was wondering if you could make a video about how to make the letter R out of boondoggle. I have to give a bday gift to my best friend. So, if you get a chance before august starts, PLEASE. Also, do you know how to make a scoubitunel/ v-light? I’ve always really wanted to try that. It’s just some vids on youtube don’t really make much sense to me. Thanks.

  5. Hi Dana! Sorry I keep commenting. I just watched ur vid on how to make an A and it helped SO much. I think everyone should see it!! Thx 4 putting up my comment!

  6. Hey. Do u know how to make a scoubitunel stitch. Ur really good so I wanted to know. Also, how can I make a letter r, k, or p??

  7. i know how to make the scoubitunnel but its verry hard so if ur up for this then ill caontact dana for u

  8. Please can u? I tried using videos but the only person who’s vids I can actually understand is Dana. Thanks. U rock demarie (and Dana!)

  9. ur so welcom all u have to do is u have to know how to make the brick/super brick ok then just add on and then its even on each side then conect it but if this is still hard give me ur real name and i can contact you on facebook!!!

  10. O. I don’t have a Facebook. Do u make vids? I know how to do pretty much every stitch but I just don’t understand the concept of connecting it. PLEASE help. A LOT of people ask me to teach them, but to tell u the truth, I have NO clue! So please!

  11. sadley i dont ake videos and i cant contact dana for a while but i dont know how to help if u know how to do everything u should know buttt………. if u can start box and brick ur good just conect to ur even lenght and then…. well wats the pronlem ur having on this!!!!???? i need to know its very easy
    <3 i love it

  12. Well, thx 4 not just quitting on me and srry about the whole facebook thing. But, I get it till I have to connect it to the other side I don’t really understand that part. Do u really KNOW Dana?

  13. yes i do im not liein to you im her friend on facebook and if u know how to START boxes then its pretty easy you just pull the loop out then take another color put it underneth those then go over under with the new peice of string.
    if you need more help just ask

  14. No no. Not that put together. Like connect one side to the other and make it the box shape. I understand that part (the part you explained). It’s just putting one side together with the other

  15. oh ok pull one sides loop out from the ends then take another strand and put then trough both then add another string in the mittle of tht one then pull it

  16. well this isnt dana but soon u guys can go on youtube and look at videos by boondoggle2854 and see videos! ok thx

  17. Dana plz dont stop doing boondoggle i love the way u just come up with cool things and u are a cool person so plz dont stop

  18. Hey can you make the scoubitunnel thing because it is somewhat cunfusing and i feel like im wasting my boondoggle trying to make it?

  19. angie she wont trust me sister she wont quiet but she wont make new videos for a while!!! please dana make new videos

  20. hey im sorry if im bothering u but i would like to learn how to do norma and normina and then learn all the other cool stuff u know how to do. Thank You take care

  21. hey long time no see dana… ive missed all ur videos if u made any but i moved to south carolina and internet up her in the south isnt that great as it is in florida so…. ur videos freeze for me :( …. anyways ive got string started at my new school and the teacher band it from the classes this sucks but i can still do it at home if i ever had time to cause im always so busy like u but please make more videos

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