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If you’re interested in purchasing boondoggle check these out!



With this pack you get 13 different colors of boondoggle which is great for creating tons of different projects with a good selection of colors. I recommend this pack of boondoggle for the person who is just starting out with boondoggle.




This pack of boondoggle has super cool glow in the dark colors, this is a great add-on to any boondoggle supply box.





A pack of tye-dye boondoggle is great to add multiple colors into your project, I used this when I made a cobra head to add a ton of color into a simple project. This boondoggle is a little thicker than most and can be harder to work with.





Do you want to place your boondoggle project on a keyring and make it a real keychain? Check these out! You can put your finished boondoggle project on the keyring and slip on a key as well.



When I first started to make boondoggle, I would show them off by placing them on shower curtain rings. Sounds strange but it really works!

19 Responses to Buy Boondoggle

  1. I think you are so creative when it comes to boondoggle.You have a lot of cool boondoggles by the way feel free to email

  2. i love the way you show people the easiest was on how to do boondoggle!!!!!!!
    i am currently working on a 7 by 7 project and when im finished im going to do a 9 by 9!!

  3. Hey, I went to the same church camp for 10 or so years. At that camp the four main group leaders would always wear a necklace made out of the craft lace you use. On one end there would normally be like a corckscrew where the start of the corckscrew they would hot glue a wistle, then it would go up and split into different sides, when it split it would have the same type of stitching on both sides, they would eventually change between different stitchings and stuff, then it would eventually come back together to complete the necklace. If you have an idea of what i am talking about please let me know, I think it would be a great project for you if you havent done one like it. I would really like to know how to combine all of them to make something that big and detailed. Thanks

  4. mybad on that last post i believe it is a supertwist? that splits into two identical smaller stiches and it changese patterns throughout those two and ends up together.

  5. Umm can you do a twisted cobra?
    I really want to post a video on YouTube but It won’t let me make a account on YouTube
    Plus I have a ipad2 but after I make a video ummm it says do you want to send this video to YouTube and when I sign in it won’t let me post a video sooo…..

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