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I’m Dana Whitelaw and I’m the Boondoggle Princess! I’m a 19 year-old college student who loves to make Boondoggle. I started when I was fairly young and don’t even remember the first time I made one. I think it was some time around the end of first grade when I really started to make difficult projects. I know that by third grade, I could create some pretty interesting boondoggle projects. Besides boondoggle, I love to shop and I love makeup. If it’s bright colored and has a fun pattern, I’m all into it. I am seriously obsessed now with my Cricut Craft machine. It is honestly the best purchase I have ever made! Currently I have been super busy and active with school so It can be a little hard for me to work on this website and to post videos but slowly and surely they will come back up!

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  1. Hey Dana,

    I’ve followed you on you tube and have learned to make some cool stuff. I’ve made the letter “D” for my name and even learned some other great projects from you. I used to love boondoggle when I was in daycare as a kid, and just recently I bought some and I fell back in love. I wanted to try to do the American flag but that will have a wait a while I’m currently gonna work on the one where it has two sides and a cork screw in the middle, it looks fun and challengeing and I love a challenge. I love your website as well. And I just wanted to tell you that I think your awesome!!!!!!!!!

    • Isn’t it fun to revisit those things we did when we were five? It’s like playing with barbies all over again. I’m glad you love my videos and are making things for yourself. Deffinatly try the American flag out though, it’s challenging but you will receive tons of complements and it just looks so awesome. Thanks for checking my website, come back for more!!!

  2. i chack every day to see if u make a new video but im very sad cause u didnt in like 3 days and also i check ur website everyday to not like i stalk u!! i dont i just want new things i`ve done everything!!!!! i`ve done this since i was five and still doing it so i`ve done string for 5 years

  3. hey i do the same i check your website every day to see if you created new thing you are a awesome person. do you do other stuff other then boondoggle just asking cuz i saw the video of the box that u bought.

  4. heyyyy DANA!!!!!

    you haven’t made a video in 2 weeks and i was wondering why and i really want you to show how to make scoubitunel. also when are you going to show how to make normy and normina just wonderinggggg cause they look really kewlll,


  5. Hey Dana!
    I just started making boondoggle projects last year (when my friend finally showed me how to USE the stuff) and I was searching youtube and found you!! I’m so glad I did because I have learned all I know from you!!! Thank you very much and please keep posting videos!!!

  6. Imma new Boondoggler and I already love it. I can’t wait till I’m like you and can do really cool projects like a mixture of the square, circle, triangle AND the Cork Screw. But the thing is the bit of Boondoggle that i made wasn’t mine I was my friends. She gave some to me. And I don’t have any of my own, so I live in Canada you probably live in The U.S.A soo do you know any places the the U.S that are in canada also where I cam get some boondoggle?

  7. Thanks for the great post! I’m new to read this blog site and I’m very interested to know about you. Anyway boondoggle projects seems to be pretty interesting. Thanks mate! :)

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