I hate naming posts…..

Hey everyone,


Long timeeee no chat!!! I know, you wonder where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. And let me just let you know that in the coming months, things should look a lot more boondoggley on my side of things. But as of recently, I’ve started uping my Etsy shop!. If you don’t know what that is it’s a great site for crafters and people who love unique items! I sell a lot of phone cases on there. But I’m super obsessed and IN LOVE with my sorority, so I’ve started to sell items that are perfect for anyone you know in Greek life! I want to add boondoggle kits, this would allow you, my watchers to buy a prepackaged kit with boondoggle in it, and then you can create a project at home without having to buy tons of different colors! So let me know if that is something you’re interested in!! But in the meantime, check out my store!!

The cases I make are great for anyone you know! I’m really flexible when it comes to designs, so message me through Etsy and we can discuss it more!
For my college Best Friend I have already made her a phone case, but I wanted to do something super cute for her for Christmas! We won’t spend much on each other, but how cute is this little guy?!
She went to Australia last summer, and we both have a freaky obsession with pillow pets. This is a super awesome idea as well. But only get it for that friend who is still in love with that cutesy fun type of thing, not the friend who would rather play a video game…or a sport.
My best friend back home and I are doing Pinterest items with one another. Follow me on Pinterest too!
I’m still trying to find the icing on the cake for her basket. I already have a state love mug, a framed artwork with her favorite quote, some non creasing hair ties, a few stickers, and a personalized notebook.
Talk to you soon!!!

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