This is only the basic stitch to learn, as you do need this for a variety of projects, but when the actual rocketship stitch is posted, you will be so much better off! You may be able to figure out the completed rocketship on your own, but this is a guideline to help you figure out what strand does what.

You will need:

  • as many strands of boondoggle as you want, each strands 6 inches shorter than the last

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    8 Responses to Rocketship!!

    1. I love that you interact so to speak with us. It makes this much more fun! So keep doing what you’re doing! I love everyone else can kiss your ass!

    2. I somehow think ur real funny the way u talk about ur life u remind me of my talkative friend Hanna so keep talking about ur life!!!!!!!!!!

    3. i also want to say to you i think you are pretty not ugly i think you are fine i think who ever makes fun of you might want to start thinking how you feel i love your creations they are awesome

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