I hate naming posts…..

Hey everyone,


Long timeeee no chat!!! I know, you wonder where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. And let me just let you know that in the coming months, things should look a lot more boondoggley on my side of things. But as of recently, I’ve started uping my Etsy shop!. If you don’t know what that is it’s a great site for crafters and people who love unique items! I sell a lot of phone cases on there. But I’m super obsessed and IN LOVE with my sorority, so I’ve started to sell items that are perfect for anyone you know in Greek life! I want to add boondoggle kits, this would allow you, my watchers to buy a prepackaged kit with boondoggle in it, and then you can create a project at home without having to buy tons of different colors! So let me know if that is something you’re interested in!! But in the meantime, check out my store!!

The cases I make are great for anyone you know! I’m really flexible when it comes to designs, so message me through Etsy and we can discuss it more!
For my college Best Friend I have already made her a phone case, but I wanted to do something super cute for her for Christmas! We won’t spend much on each other, but how cute is this little guy?!
She went to Australia last summer, and we both have a freaky obsession with pillow pets. This is a super awesome idea as well. But only get it for that friend who is still in love with that cutesy fun type of thing, not the friend who would rather play a video game…or a sport.
My best friend back home and I are doing Pinterest items with one another. Follow me on Pinterest too!
I’m still trying to find the icing on the cake for her basket. I already have a state love mug, a framed artwork with her favorite quote, some non creasing hair ties, a few stickers, and a personalized notebook.
Talk to you soon!!!


Okay, so this isn’t about fruit. Just a little project that looks like it. :P I show you how to start the project, but not how to do the stitch. My silly reasoning is I figured if you can tart the project you can make the project. I strongly believe that if you can start a project you can actually do stitches of it.


You will need:

  • 8 strands of boondoggle, all the same length.

Braided Wall

For those of you who are really into the boondoggle world, you’ve probably only seen one or two of these. Either mine, or the boondoggle mans. However, he has no tutorial on how to actually create it. So I thought, what the heck why not. I love the way this looks, it can just take forever to put together.


You will need:

  • 5 strands of boondoggle, all the same length
  • 1 strand of boondoggle, about 6 inches longer

3X3 Circle

Super tornado I suppose. It’s only a teeeny tiiiny bit bigger than tornado, but it lookes huge! It is also a lot of fun to expierement with different patterns of a circle and straight stitch to get a cool intricate looking design. Have fun!


You will need:

  • 6 strands of boondoggle, all the same length

American Flag

I pledge alliegance…. So totally cool! I first made this for my dad at least five years ago. He said how he wanted one for his keychain, and so being the lovely daughter that I am, I made him one. It NEVER made it onto his keychain. he said it looked to good for that so I put it in my box. Now as I look at it, it still looks cool but there could be cooler, and a better one. So I fabricated a new bondoggle flag and showed you every major step I could. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. It is actually not that bad to create and will impress everyone you know. So get cracking!


You will need:

  • 7 strands of red all the same length
  • 6 strands of white the same length as the red
  • 6 strands of blue, about half the length as the red and white
  • 1 strand of any color, I always choose clear, about 3-5 times the length as the red and white strands

Zig Zag

This is a really cool stitch. By alternating the amount of boondoggle stitches you do of the corkscrew and the regular superbrick you can come up with some neat combinations. In the video I did 6 stitchs of corkscrew before switching but I also made a cool black one that I created using only 3 stitches of corkscrew inbetween each superbrick stitch. So play around with the numbers until you find something that you like.


You will need:

  • 3 strands of boondoggle all the same length
  • 1 strand of boondoggle about a foot longer than the others

Boondggle Heart!!!

A precious little piece of love. I love making different shapes out of boondoggle, and this is deffinatly one of the easiest to make. Make sure you know the rocket ship stitch and square!


You will need:

  • 4 pieces of boondoggle, all about the same length

Square and Brick Combo

As far as the regular plain old stitches go, I think I uploaded all of them already. So I decided to go for a quick little combo. This is super easy to make and it lets you try out combo stitches. I think it looks cute with the one color on the inside and two of the same on the outside, but it is totally up to you!


You will need:

  • two strands of boondoggle, the same length
  • one strand of boondoggle about six inches longer than the other 2


  • Keyring


If I hated anything more than I hate triangle, it’s this stitch. I can’t stand it. At all. It is very hard to do. So good luck!


You will need:

  • 5 strands of boondoggle all the same length


If there could be a project I hate to make it has to be triangle. It is time consuming, not easy to just make it like I always do when I make other crazy fun projects. But as this was requested I of course made it. I only have one of these in my collection as I can’t stand it that much but one is sufficient. Also my friend Stefanie is watching me film. She’s a blast.


You will need:

  • three strands of boondoggle all the same length